How To Apply Eye Makeup


Apply a flimsy and general layer of Eye prime on top of the whole eyelid and give it a chance to dry, eyes shut.

Apply a light shade over the whole eyelid Eye Makeup Tips.
How To Apply Eye Makeup

Utilizing a dim shade, apply a liner along the  upper and lower lash line shape the external corner, and skim it towards the internal corner, making the line mastermind at the external corner.

Mix the dim shade marginally from the external corner of the lower lash line in the heading to the sanctuaries furthermore mix it somewhat on the upper lash line.
How To Apply Eye Makeup step by step

Apply a dull shade on top of your past connected shade and on the external corner of your eyelid.

Mix the shadow into the wrinkle  no more then the external 2/ 3rd of the eye to characterize the wrinkle.

Apply a medium shade :
How To Apply Eye Makeup easyly
On the upper eyelid, in the middle of the light and the dull shade. Mix it somewhat into the light shading simply over the wrinkle. Mix it somewhat into your dim shade which is in the wrinkle.

On the lower eyelid, beside the lash line.

Re-strengthen the lash line and the water line with a dull Shade.

Complete your cosmetics by applying Mascara.

You may apply False Eyelashes  if wanted.

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